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Statetgy to overcome conflict in organitation

Statetgy to overcome conflict in organitation
Every huwan in this life always have problem or conflict with other.and also in organitation always define problem’s n conflict,so what we must to do?what is salutation conflict in organitation?and wahat is the best salutation for together,sometime we makechoice but our choice hurted I will explain the best statety to overcome conflict in organitation,there are
1.know the people and problem’s
The first starategy is we must know the people.the means who is have problem’s or conflict,and what his carachter,is he emotional or kind? And whit whom?and so we must know the conflict or problems,may be the leader have know and the best choice if his have know the the people and problems.thi is explanatition the internals problem in organitation
2. choice the way’s to overcame a conflict
And the second strategy the way’s .we can do sharing with other ,the reason,why it happen?so we discussing or sharing and other
So in concept at theory general organitation 1 is to overcame a conflict:
The mean’s them must be losest all
The means someone can be win with the best reason and can be losest with the bad reason
The means every all win coz with best argument

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