Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

English for my future

According to me English was the language that was useful for my future when entering the work or industry. England was often used and used to test applied the work,with the method was written and lisan. England in modern according to me was very important moreover to Indonesia and all The world.England was often used and very obligatory moreover to school,than is SD,SMP,SMK,dan the university. Since the Junior High School and Smk lesson English that bored for reasons of him English was difficult to be understood and understant.however when I passed Smk the UN value my English was very ugly but because of the results I regretted and I was determined to repair him by means of continuing the school again in university.whan realised that English was often used in company-company.Me studied English because of wanting to be able to speak with smooth.system studied me to deepen English by means of reading the book to be fluent in read language articles England, Listen to English songs afterwards translated to the language indonesian,open the language dictionary English .but by means of. In my campus English in obliged for the students because of if passing from university afterwards looked for the work in the famous company that was first in asked that is the experience The work had the capacity spoke Foreign.level-level that in searched that could master English because of according to my experience this language really Important By because that I determined to be able to in speaking England. Thank you so many of my short stories about English.

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